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Currently onstage in London, look out for her kicking butt and taking names in the Marvel one-shot Agent Carter that accompanies the Iron Man 3 home entertainment release.

Sexiest Role: We'll always love Funny goes a long way with us, and Isla Fisher definitely has the comedy chops – although it helps that she's also perky, friendly and gorgeous with it.

Sexiest Role: Boasting a combination of classically stunning looks and the sort of laser concentration that you can't help but be attracted to, she's conquered roles both in Europe and across the pond.

Whether she's gracing blockbusters or small Euro-indies, she seems equally at home.

You were looking at the illusion of her," theatre director Don Richardson has said of the future Grace of Monaco. It was insane about her – just like I was." Just as the world would be once her career really began.

Rear Window truly kicked her phenomenon into high gear, but Kelly was, and always will be, more than just a blonde.

She's also a nerd who proudly flies the flag for geekdom, even going so far as to create her own comic book. As if that weren't enough, she can play tough with aplomb and sings too, as the film version of Rent – for all its faults – proved.

Sexiest Role: Her ethereal, glowing Galadriel in Peter Jackson's Her candle may have burned out quickly, but it certainly burned brightly.

Norma Jean Baker's life was tinged with tragedy, but she lives on as an icon of fashion, beauty and, in the right role, raw sex appeal.

judge — sitting backstage at Ellen De Generes' daytime talk show — reads out loud all of "the supportive words" he's received about his title.

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