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In fact, these people logged 115% more interracial exchanges in the two-and-a-half-month study period between them than OKCupid members of a similar background and region who had not been contacted by a person from another race.And the groups who did the most in-race dating were the groups who showed most marked change.There are no rules in place and everything that could possibly happen, does.Whilst, behind the scenes, Sinclair's associates are placing their bets.Minority groups (those who identify themselves on OKCupid as black, Hispanic, Indian or Asian) were much more likely to stay in their own racial lane when in search of mates online. They were more likely to contact white guys than other Asian guys, which my Asian girlfriends tell me is because, in part, they’re not fans of the traditional role that girlfriends and wives have played — and continue to play — in many Asian societies.

Lewis found that once people had been approached by somebody from a different race, or had gotten a response from one, they were more likely to initiate contact or respond to someone from that race in future interactions.While the principal characters were important in the movie, why didn't Wayne Knight get any billing? He's probably one of the best overweight actors since John Candy, and this guy can't get any work!? Anyway, I felt this movie was quite a departure for some actors, and a great one for those who have made a movie such as this before. The only downside to this film was the ending, which had yet another bad song by Smashmouth (and it was All-Star once again! Additionally, people often assume the relative prevalence of white male/Asian woman couples come from white men's apparent preference for stereotypically submissive women.It turns out they show no such preference, and that it's Asian women who tend to be relatively more receptive to white men.

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