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Car has been lowered and corner balanced and handles like a dream. All four factory options: Air Conditioning, Sunroof, Limited Slip, and AM/FM radio. Engine rebuild at 73,000 miles in 7/08 by IPB-Autosport of Sacramento, CA. Three-option car: air conditioning, radio and sunroof. Upgrades include: Bilstein RSR struts; upper and lower monoball mounts; Faulkner 400F/600R springs; adjustable camber plates; monoballs on A-frames & trailing arms; Cup car sway bars & shock tower brace; upgraded brakes; stainless steel brake lines; close ratio transmission with Quaife and RUF short shift kit; lightweight flywheel & cup car clutch; B&B headers; chip; RUF front chin spoiler; 18” 3-piece forged wheels with Pilot Super Sports. ,500 including all original parts PLUS a second set of wheels with Nitto NT-01 tires. 993 turbo “Big Red” front brake kit (brand new rotors and pads in last 300 miles). We dont know why it was so warm 1,000 years agoclimate scientists dont like to talk about it because they cant explain it — but for some reason they are sure that your SUV is causing current warmth.

The tree stump evidence by itself suggests it was warmer there 1,000 years ago than today.The car has never been tracked and was used as a daily driver by the previous owner who bought it in the late 90's (receipt available). I have the original window sticker and maintenance records since new. A few minor chips on front hood, typical of age/mileage. Fikse FM10 wheels 18 x 8” & 18 x 10” with techni-polish finish. Nevertheless, yearly average temperatures are actually below freezing — even in the warmest years.Glaciers were Already Retreating Before 1900 The supposed poster child glacier for global warming in Alaska is Mendenhall Glacierexcept that it had already retreated one mile by the early 1900s, long before human greenhouse gas emissions could be blamed.

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    Bluefin's purpose in collecting non-personally identifying information is to better understand how Bluefin's visitors use its website.

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