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The Rockford Files has been in syndication throughout the world since the 1970's and returned for eight reunion TV movies in the 1990's featuring the surviving members of the original cast. Cannell; much of the success of the show is put down to the quality of the writing completed by later TV successes David Chase and Juanita Bartlett.

Carrie's boyfriend Sean isn't just young enough to be more boy then her others friends, he's also openly bisexual, which starts her wondering if gender is a dying concept.Del Shores’ follow-up to “Sordid Lives” revisits Winters, Texas for a showdown between the gradually liberalizing locals and the new fundamentalist preacher in the wake of the Supreme Court’s marriage…Research scientist Landis Barker self-experiments to quantify the haunting of a Lambda Technologies branch in Port Moore after a particle accelerator test goes wrong and the entire building goes into…A story arc that extends across the seasons of the show is that of Rockford and his long time friend Sgt.Dennis Becker of the Los Angeles Police Department; Rockford often calls Becker for assistance with his cases and leaves his friend feeling the wrath of his superiors in the LAPD for the friendship the two men share.

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