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Republicans on Capitol Hill find themselves in more or less the same position.

They would like to distance themselves from Moore while not ceding to Democrats a seat that should have been much easier to defend.

One of Hannity’s guests, attorney Rebecca Rose Woodland, noted as much.

“We have four women who don’t know each other, four women who never met each other, one of whom admits to being a longstanding Republican," she said. ”Trump could not have watched the segment live, as he was shown arriving at a forum in Vietnam.

In each of these cases, he said, journalists had rushed to judgement, only to be later disproven by factual revelations or court decisions.“Nobody in the media thought the president would win,” Hannity reminded.

He did not make clear what incorrect electoral projections had to do with Moore’s alleged sexual misconduct. As for the demands of “proof” made by Hannity and other Moore supporters, these have been called a cynical ploy to undermine the credibility of his accusers.

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Sean Hannity interviewed embattled Alabama Republican Senate Roy Moore on the Friday edition of his nationally syndicated radio show and grilled him about accusations of sexual conduct with underage girls. That'd be against the law and against anything I would have ever done.

The exchange was remarkable because it took place on Fox News, President Trump’s favorite source of insight and information.Hannity did attempt such a defense after the interview was over.He repeatedly alluded to the allegations of rape against Duke lacrosse players in 2006; the killing of Trayvon Martin by vigilante George Zimmerman in 2012 and the killing of Michael Brown by a police officer in 2014, which led to days of civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri.On Friday night, Sean Hannity opened his prime time Fox News program by playing an audio recording of his interview, conducted on his radio show the day before, with former Alabama chief justice Roy S.Moore, now running for a Senate seat from that state. “I would urge Republicans to postpone the special election,” Rivera said.

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