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Therefore, we are committed with the philosophy that we advance our farmer community by sharing positive and proven ideas and experiences. The vision is to craft this institute a place attracting intellectuals from all over the world. Along with Agricultural Sciences, the university offers degree programs at all levels in basic and Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Management Sciences, Computer Sciences and Information Technology. For promoting our faculties to handle arid agriculture issues we are planning to have our campuses in middle-east and/or other countries facing desertification. It can vary depending on test date, test location and test type.

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Welcome to PMAS-Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi. Being an Agricultural Institution, our main objective is to produce high quality Agricultural Scientists. The vision of the Vice Chancellor is to establish and enhance PMAS-Arid Agriculture University as a quality-focused higher education institution that provides excellent academic and research environment for producing researchers and scholars in the fields of Agriculture, IT, Business, Education and Veterinary Sciences.dress including 301 smart answers to tough business etiquette questions and the newly published the millionaire’s handbook Don’t - have on an excessive amount of jewelry.The jewelry you slip on should play up the dress you are wearing. Bohn | Aug 12th 2013 - All rooms in your home require a diversity of illumination.Feeling can include cocktail parties, per night filled with products, or a display.Uj ENA’s purple from shoulder gown is attractive, sexy, hot.

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