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Users don't want to learn yet another interface for managing their documents.

It's inconvenient to pull up a Web browser and navigate to a specific site just to upload or download a file, when they can simply use Outlook and attach the file to a message.

With the integration points provided by Microsoft in the most recent Office release, you can use Share Point and Outlook together to fully leverage the strengths of each product.

Microsoft Outlook has long been the center of Microsoft's collaborative user experience.

Share Point was designed as a collaboration platform and therefore is a better medium for sharing content than any messaging system.

However, one of its main flaws—and the biggest obstacle to getting organizations to deploy Share Point—is its Web-based interface.

Executive Summary: Microsoft Office Outlook is a useful application for messaging, calendaring, and scheduling, but not as useful for document management.

Although the Outlook Anywhere feature in Exchange 2007 lets you connect to Exchange from any Internet connection, it isn't a generic HTTP Secure (HTTPS) proxy.However, few of them offer reasonable alternatives that have low impact on your users' habits, and changing users' work habits, especially when those changes reduce convenience, is difficult.Enter Microsoft Windows Share Point Services (WSS).You don't need a specific version of Exchange Server (or even use Exchange Server) to get Outlook and Share Point working together.Outlook doesn't use typical messaging protocols such as Messaging API (MAPI) or SMTP to integrate with Share Point.

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