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The fact that the Hebrews included mainly historical books, such as Joshua, in the Prophets section, reveals a basic attitude of God's people. He will again "shake the heavens and the earth" to bring down His wrath on sinners (cf. God also uses people who are loyal to Him to wage war against sin. "War in Ancient Israel." Buried History 21:3 (April 1985):61-69. "The Jordan Crossing: Sidqot Yahweh and World Building." Journal of Biblical Literature 100:3 (1981):343-58. They viewed what God revealed here not primarily as a historical record, as much as an authoritative record of selected historical events designed to teach important spiritual lessons. The people God used in Joshua were men and women of faith (Heb. God's methods are unpredictable, and often seem strange to His servants. Jerusalem: Pictorial Archive (Near Eastern History) Est., 1979. We should therefore recognize Joshua, not simply as a record of history, but as a "selective history" intended to reveal God's will. They frequently appear even foolish or ridiculous to us. "Possessing the Land: a chronology of events in the dispute over Palestine." Christianity Today, April 18, 1986, p. In the Prophets section of the Old Testament, God revealed Himself through historical events as well as through the oracles of individual prophets. Victory over the Amorite alliance at Gibeon 10:1-27 7. Therefore God asks that we simply trust and obey Him. "Two Early Cult Sites Now Questioned." Biblical Archaeology Review 14:1 (January-February 1988):48-52. One scholar called this the major problem in Joshua.

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In the Gospels, we hear and see the wrath of God manifested in Jesus' words and works against the Pharisees for their sins. A New Look at the Archaeological Evidence." Biblical Archaeology Review 16:2 (1990):44-59. However, the writer himself claims to have crossed the Jordan River with the other Israelites when Israel entered the land ("we crossed"; 5:1 [marginal reading], 6). Second, faith also means abandonment to God's will. Therefore, he must have written the book not too long after the conquest. God has revealed in His Word how His people can experience all He wants them to have. He did so also to remove this cancerous society and its malignant influence on the world's peoples. " Biblical Archaeology Review 13:1 (January-February 1987):18-39. "Palestinian Artifactual Evidence Supporting the Early Date of the Exodus." Bibliotheca Sacra 13 (January-March 1972):33-47. He did not drive the Canaanites out simply to make room for Israel. " Journal of the Adventist Theological Society 12:1 (Spring 2001):31-42. The Promise of the Land: The Inheritance of the Land of Canaan by the Israelites.

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