Livesexicam ang pagdating ni ferdinan magellan sa pilipinas

the whole point is: if you’re an artist, you either like connecting or you don’t. i borrowed thomas’ prada sunglasses to try to fit in.

if you like it, you’ll find every possible creative way (online: blogging, twittering. he introduced me, in turn, to a UK dj named caged baby, aka thomas, whose sunglasses i stole and who just happened to live outside bordeaux, where i was headed.

i’m now sitting in a cafe in sydney with my twitter-ride comrades, kate and tina, who are indulging the fuck out of me while i sit here and write this. …it’s technically teacher training but i’m not actually planning on teaching, at least not until i get old and start my nightclub/juice-bar/cinema yoga studio, when i’m like 90. france outside of paris is a really small market for me – there were only about 200 people at each show. so they don’t know me as well as, say, people in san francisco, or london. my panel at MIDEM was short and trivial, we didn’t talk about anything very significant.

just yoga, people, food, meditating and a good long breath. i somewhere imagined the south of france being perennially warm. and then…why not book a gig in a nearby little town? it was not warm, it was not quaint, i was tired and the travel was hard, and the shows were fine, weird and quiet.

i put a lot of time and effort into this blog and want you to have it and read it for free.

if you want to give me some help for the time and effort, THANK YOU.

i am really, really, really looking for the time off. sadly, no, i won’t be there, it’s the same night as my show at . TOUR DATES: February 26 The Forum Theatre Melbourne, Australia Ages: 18 April 23 Bush Hall [w/ EVELYN EVELYN] London, England Ages: 14 (under 18yrs with an adult) SOLD OUT!i wrote this whole long blog on the plane over to australia and the evil that is mac mail ate it. neil will be 105 (or dead -but let’s hope for the best) and will hopefully enjoy my kimono antics as he sits in a bathtub, reading and sipping endless cups of tea, with cream and extra sugar. melbourne ninja gigs a definite possibility, and it looks like i might do a mini-gig in the butterfly again just for contest winners who help me promote the show at the forum (which needs help BADLY, since i’m going up against the soundwave festival…if you’re in melbourne and want info on how to help me, go .) then i tour oz and new zealand, and somewhere in there i’m headed to a recording studio outside adelaide…just to see what happens. if all goes well, i’ll be able to put this shit out myself. i wrote some more blogs on the plane to be sent while i’m gone (one about michael jackson…i watched “this is it” on the plane – but now i’m thinking i might save it for later so that i can add to it – and one about to twitter while i’m gone. when i play for a cold audience who doesn’t follow me, it’s closer to going on a blind date with a third cousin. surreal moment #1: this living statue was stationed outside the main MIDEM conference hall one night. i feel like you can get lost in a sea of clever concepts. then i’m heading totally offline for about two weeks. i will wear only kimonos and start chain-smoking menthols because at that point i’ll be like FUCK IT. then i head to melbourne for two weeks relatively OFF and try to be an artist again. but i could talk about THIS for hours…the cities where my fans are online and really follow me, the SHOWS ARE WAY BETTER, BECAUSE THEY KNOW ME. we get to know each other over the course of a year or two and then when we finally get together, it’s like we already know each other and can get right to the (often great) sex.April 27 L’Europeen [w/ EVELYN EVELYN] Paris, France And lots and lots more to come in the US and such… surreal moment #5, going into a bathroom in vienna and seeing this poster called “TOILET CAM”.who do i see (bottom right hand corner) but my fucking friend scotty the blue bunny. ...i borrowed the above phrase from my friend maria popova's blog ( it's awesome)...i think the phrase pretty much explains itself.

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