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It is the quintessential “trapped in another world” show, and one that has spawned a plethora of imitators. Heralding from the Chinese manhua Yin Zhi Shou Mu Ren, Gin no Guardian starts off like every other story: with the typical high school student Riku Suigen (Fuuyama Jun).

Without relatives and working part time, Suigen’s unassuming appearance hides but one redeeming feature: the ability to win at any game.

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It’s officially been five years since Zephyr and I started writing for RC, so Technical Note: The chart below is ordered by the date and time that the shows premiere.

All Might saw something in him, and together they embarked on a journey of Izuku becoming the hero he always dreamed of—and that’s only the beginning. When Samu previewed the first season, he called Boku no Hero Academia the Next Big Thing, and he was right.

Very much in the tradition of your One Pieces, Dragon Balls, and Narutos, Boku no Hero Academia is a shounen battle story full of hot-blooded action.

Taking place in a world where 80% of the population have “Quirks” (superpowers), the story follows a wimpy now-high schooler named Midoriya “Deku” Izuku (Yamashita Daiki). But that didn’t stop him from dreaming of becoming a hero, even when the path seemed hopeless.

Then one day Izuku’s life took a turn, when he was caught by a deadly villain and saved by the #1 Hero, All Might (Miyake Kenta).

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Naturally (and of course), only Suigen’s adopted sister and fellow classmate Riku Lin (Saitou Yuka) knows of Suigen’s gaming mastery, and it is this ability that Suigen must utilize to rescue his sister when Lin is suddenly and inexplicably kidnapped.

Investigating a unique gaming device left behind for him by Lin, Suigen finds himself pulled into and trapped in a mysterious gaming world where the only way out—and the only way to Lin—is by fighting against those who seek to win. It’s hard not feeling dubious when looking over Gin no Guardian.

Every three months we hear comments about how each season is filled with more sequels, and about the lack of originality and how anime is just going downhill.

Well it’s about time that anime comes back in full force with something for everyone, which it is as we welcome back spring!

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