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A suspicious Tracy is onto them, the entire truth which Dexter admits to her. However, hours before the wedding, as the more self-assured Dexter and Liz get to work on how to get the Lords out from under Spy's threats, Tracy and Mike, both inebriated, go on a journey of self-discovery with Tracy ultimately coming to her realizations a little faster than Mike. He has with him a tabloid reporter and a photographer, Macaulay 'Mike" Connor and Elizabeth Imbrie, and he's clearly intent on causing mischief.Just as Philadelphia socialite Tracy Lord is about to remarry her first husband C. Tracy is surprised to learn that Mike is a serious writer who works for the tabloids only to earn a paycheck.In reality, Mike and Liz are the reporter and photographer respectively for Spy.Mike and Liz don't particularly like this assignment or working for Kidd, but they need to make a living as their chosen other fields as serious writer and painter don't pay the bills.Played Radio City Music Hall for 6 weeks, breaking the previous attendance records set in 1937 by Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937).It grossed over 0,000 in that one location alone.During the scene where James Stewart hiccups when drunk, you can see Cary Grant looking down and grinning.Since the hiccup wasn't scripted, Grant was on the verge of breaking out laughing and had to compose himself quickly.

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Both Gable and Tracy were busy with other projects, so James Stewart was cast instead. Mayer allowed Hepburn a 0,000 salary towards casting the other male role, a sum that Cary Grant agreed to.

The producers reportedly thought that no one would believe that anyone could actually live like that, particularly in America in the 1940s.

James Stewart wasn't at all comfortable with some of the dialog, especially in the swimming pool scene, which also required him to act in a dressing gown.

Two years after their break-up, Tracy is about to remarry, the ceremony to take place at the Lord mansion.

Tracy's bridegroom is nouveau riche businessman and aspiring politician George Kittredge, who is otherwise a rather ordinary man and who idolizes Tracy.

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