Filthiest sex

Dirty is a Sagittarius specialty, though it takes them a while trust you with their “situation.” And yes, “situation” is what it is, as their freakiness can be pretty specific and fantasy-oriented.

Costume-play is big with The Archer, and when the heat goes up in the sack, don’t be surprised if your Sagittarius lover gets out his or her alien skin suit and demands to be spanked, “As only Darth Vadar could.” “Do me, Captain Kirk” is only one of the ways it could go once Sag opens their mouth in the bedroom.

Luckily, strawberry lovers don't have give up their favorite fruit or start planning their own funerals: Many of the pesticides found on strawberries (and other fruits) appear to be benign, according to the EWG — and you can limit your exposure by splurging on certified-organic fruits and veggies, which are grown without synthetic chemicals or fertilizers.

What doesn't kill you only makes a small dent in your savings.

While apples have topped the EWG's dirty dozen list for what seems like forever, strawberries took the lead this year as the all-time dirtiest fruit: 98 percent of samples contained at least one kind of pesticide, with the dirtiest sample serving up to 17 different kinds.

The EWG blames growers for trying to make the seasonal berries more affordable year-round, resorting to potentially dangerous chemicals, like carbendazim, a fungicide which is banned overseas because it's thought to disrupt hormones; bifenthrin, an insecticide that's a suspected carcinogen; and malathion, an insecticide that's considered a potential carcinogen.

Variety is the spice of life, and some like it hotter than a serrano pepper. Certainly, we’re all capable of being a freak between the sheets, but “capable” and “actively involved in being a freak” status depends on nerve... And, of course, so much of that personality depends on when we were born.In other words, whether or not you read your horoscope daily, where we rank on the “freak-o-meter” may be a direct result of our zodiac sign.I really like that ' Work From Home.' Wait, WHAT????" (Yeah, that's not about a cute couple that makes adorable "Crows Before Hoes" knock-off t-shirts.) It's dirty -- super, super dirty.

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