Dating mike garson

So with a good digital piano like the Avant Grand, it’s the closest I’m going to get.Moreno was a revelation, as expressive and effective on the glorious rock’n’roll of Panic In Detroit and the low-slung doo-wop of Drive-In Saturday as the Weimar cabaret flourishes of Time.

Maybe I’ll do this for the next two years.” And in those next two years, David had five different bands where he fired everybody but me!

Can you tell us about how “Celebrating David Bowie” came together?

When David was alive, I had zero desire to play his music in any fashion as a tribute, unless I was doing a pretty “outside” jazz or classical variation of it.

I’m also thinking of composing a new tribute to him every night. So I’ll be looking for a graceful way of having it co-exist with David’s music.

David was known to change players and bands, but you were with him for decades.

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