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He finally let rip in an interview with FADAR magazine, no holds barred: “There’s no secret relationships going on with any of the band members.It’s not funny, and it still continues to be quite hard for them.Larries, as fans of the couple call themselves, have spent years compiling pictures, gifs and messages as evidence of Harry and Louis' everlasting love. The 1D boys have remained clients with Modest Management since their X Factor days and there have been YEARS of rumours of restrictions (Zayn couldn’t even grow a beard while he was in the band), rumours of relationship cover ups - Harry and Louis being one of ‘em - and behind-the-scenes angst.But ever since the band announced their hiatus, everyone is expecting all the boys to break from Modest, which is something that Harry has already done - he signed with a new team very recently, breaking ALL ties with Modest.

Now, finally, Lois is to be at the centre of a storyline across all the Superman titles, but for all the wrong reasons – she discovers his secret identity and reveals it to world.

Of course, when celebrities don't discuss stories about themselves, it usually means they don't want to bring any more attention to the rumours.

Larries take this as proof Harry and Louis are somehow being pressured not to reveal their true feelings for each other - though it could be the case that any comments the lads make only add fuel to the fire, as everything they say gets taken waaaay out of context.

So has anyone from inside the band ever commented on the Larry rumours?

Well, since breaking free from the clutches of One Direction in March 2015, Zayn has been questioned on the matter a few times.

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