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Consequently, music may have been in existence for at least 55,000 years and the first music may have been invented in Africa and then evolved to become a fundamental constituent of human life.A culture's music is influenced by all other aspects of that culture, including social and economic organization and experience, climate, and access to technology.The oldest surviving example of a complete musical composition, including musical notation, from anywhere in the world, is the Seikilos epitaph.Double pipes, such as those used by the ancient Greeks, and ancient bagpipes, as well as a review of ancient drawings on vases and walls, etc., and ancient writings (such as in Aristotle, Problems, Book XIX.12) which described musical techniques of the time, indicate polyphony.The great legendary king, Jamshid, is credited with the invention of music.Music in Iran can be traced back to the days of the Elamite Empire (2500-644 BC).

As for other musical instruments, in 2008 archaeologists discovered a bone flute in the Hohle Fels cave near Ulm, Germany.

The emotions and ideas that music expresses, the situations in which music is played and listened to, and the attitudes toward music players and composers all vary between regions and periods.

"Music history" is the distinct subfield of musicology and history which studies music (particularly Western art music) from a chronological perspective.

A wood-lined pit contained a group of six flutes made from yew wood, between 30 and 50 cm long, tapered at one end, but without any finger holes. It has been suggested that the "Divje Babe Flute", a cave bear femur dated to be approximately 43'500 years old, is the world's oldest musical instrument and was produced by Neanderthal.

Claims that the femur is indeed a musical instrument are, however, contested by alternative theories including the suggestion that the femur may have been gnawed by carnivores to produce holes.

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