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FUKAGAWA SEIJI Old Fukagawa is a term used for Fukagawa wares made from the beginning of the company so that would include the late 1800's through the first decade or two of the 20th century.

The marks were hand painted back then so there is a bit more variety in the marks.

Since the Meiji era the family has done the whole production process.

The secrets are passed down from parent to one child of the family.

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Building on the gradual success of, first the unique small format 'Guide' (450 marks) published in 1987 and reprinted twice, and then the much acclaimed and more comprehensive 'Handbook' (1800 marks) published in 1994, this NEW and EXPANDED publication now contains TWICE the content with over 3,400 marks spread over 316 pages.******************************************** MIKAWACHI-YAKI Mikawachi-yaki is actually from Nagasaki Prefecture and is considered as part of Hirado pottery, although it is usually grouped in the Arita catagory. This is the style of painting that has children in play, usually chasing butterflies. I read somewhere (can't find the reference now...should have written it down!! ) that this style of porcelain painting "Karako" meaning Chinese child or children was produced for three levels of social status.As official Chinese chronology starts from 2637 Translating many date marks requires identification of numerals so I have also provided a table of these.The Chinese characters used for numbering are both simple and logical in their use.

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