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6) In the File Name page, enter C: \ , and then click Finish. 6) SSL Certificate , select the certificate you just created *. We are going to add a few DNS “A” records so that the records listed in point 1-4 below in DNS Goal are resolving correctly to the IP address of your CRM server.(You can save it any place you like, with any name) 7) Open the certificate in Notepad, and copy the contents. This is in effect repeating the above process like you did for the default certificate, but using a different port (444 for example). There are two ways you can achieve the desired result. CMD Type IPCONFIG – Enter Under the name: IPv4 Address is a number that looks like: .220 That is Your IP Address of the Server.

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Copy that generated code 9) Paste the code back into a new Text / Notepad Document on the Web server, but call it something that ends in (not .txt). After doing some research, we found that it was likely meaningless and the cert installed correctly. Both for the world and for you when you do that on your server. So we need to configure crm.iwebscrm15and crm2015.iwebscrm15(Not necessary but our choice for this instance).

We rebooted the machine and logged in again, to find that the CERT was there installed as we wanted it to be. 2) In the Connections panel, expand Sites , click Default Web Site. You must be able to ping all of those names and get the correct server IP address.

Both from computers on the internet, and from the server. Select the firewall option: 2) Select Turn Windows Firewall on or off 4) Turn Off or On Firewall Just turn it all off for now.

We are using this SQL instance for the database host.

8 Review Options click Next 9 Pre-requisits checklist, click Configure 10 You should see a message that “This Server was successfully configured 11 Close out the Instillation progress window Follow the steps below to verify that the AD FS 3.0 is working : 1 Open Internet Explorer.

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